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We were visited from France!

We were visited earlier this month by our international colleague Dr. Joop Lensink of the CASE team at ISA-Lille in France. Joop is also a member of the Ph.D. committee for a Ph.D. candidate, Elise Shepley, and served as Elise’s host supervisor during her summer abroad investigating the effect of two indoor loose-housing systems on activity in France.

Visiting one of the treatment pens for the dry cow study at the Mac Farm. Joly the cow enjoyed the camera time!

It was an invigorating week of paper reviews, meeting, and presentations. Ideas were exchanged, progress on recent projects was shared, and a good time was had all around! Those of us at the Cow Life McGill lab thank Joop for his visit and collaborative efforts on both his part and that of the team at ISA-Lille and look forward to our future endeavors! 

Dr. Joop Lensink and Elise Shepley discussing the ongoing research at the Mac Farm


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