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Who are we?

The dairy industry has undergone profound changes over the last half-century. From changes in housing methods to increased milk production through genetic selection, the industry has strived to become more efficient and more profitable. However, these changes have led to unforeseen consequences to cow health and longevity and thus have resulted in concerns for dairy cattle welfare. This has also been compounded by the ever-growing societal concerns for animal welfare. This is where our team of researchers comes in!

In a joint action with our industry partners Novalait, Valacta, and Dairy Farmers of Canada, our team has an ongoing initiative to investigate and determine the ideal recommendations for producers looking to meet or exceed current proAction® standards. Our research seeks to apply changes to the current housing (with a focus on tie-stall systems) and management that are feasible to implement on-farm to increase cow health, welfare, and longevity. We also seek to look for innovative new ways and technologies that can make the measuring and monitoring of cow health and welfare easier and more accessible for researchers and producers, alike.

We are always growing, come and see!

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