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"Housing, Movement, and Engineering for Dairy Cow Welfare" webinar

On February 2nd, 2023, our team joined the 7th session of dairy research showcase of "Dairy Farmers of Canada" webinar to present the results of our latest research. In this webinar, Dr. Marjorie Cellier, our post-doc, explained the effect of outdoor access management on locomotor activity of cows, and Amir Nejati, our former MSc. student, discussed the effect of outdoor access on gait and hoof health of dairy cows housed in movement-restricted environment.

Beside Elsa Vasseur's team, Dr. Sébastien Fournel, and Dr. Stéphane Godbout research teams presented their results on housing improvements and engineering to enhance cow welfare.

Through the following videos you can watch presentations and panel discussions of the webinar.

French version

English version



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