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ISAE 2017

Graduate students Elise Shepley (PhD candidate) Jessica St John (MSc candidate), along with Dr. Elsa Vasseur, attended the International Society of Applied Ethology (ISEA) 2017 conference in the lovely city of Aarhus, Denmark. This conference was an engaging experience, allowing for the transfer of new knowledge and networking between colleagues in the field of applied ethology.

A recap of the presentations that we saw at the conference regarding new studies and innovations in the field of dairy cattle research and their corresponding presenters can be found on our Twitter account at

Elise presented a poster on her recent study on the validation of IceTag 3D pedometers for use in measuring stepping activity in tie-stall housed cows, a project conducted in collaboration with Marianne Berthelot.

Jessica presented a poster on her preliminary results for her research conducted on tie-rail placement. This research looked at multiple tie-rail placements, including two novel options following the neck line of the cow, on aspects of dairy cow rumination, feeding, and lying behavior as well as physical injury.


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