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Our lab well-represented in Macdonald Campus’ local 3MT competition!

The research chair was well-represented at the Lister Family Engaged Science 3MT Competition, held at Mac last December.

The 3MT competition, which originates from Australia’s University of Queensland, aims to take science to the public in its most digestable form: with a single, static powerpoint slide, and a presentation run-time of a maximum of 3 minutes. 13 students took on the challenge of presenting their research to a non-specialist audience. Two of our own were among those and gave nice presentations of their projects.

Véronique Boyer, a Master’s student in our lab, finished in second place and left with the People’s Choice Award, with her presentation entitled “Who wouldn’t want to chat with a cow

Véronique Boyer In a very energetic presentation, she introduced her research project, which looked at the impact of chain length and of stall width on the ease of movement and welfare of dairy cows.

Elise Shepley also represented our lab during the competition. She presented her Ph.D. project, looking at the concept of movement opportunity in dairy cows, in a well-rounded performance entitled “The way she moooves”. Elise also had the opportunity to present her project once again in May, at the Forum Technologique Novalait.

The 3MT competition is a nice experience and a great opportunity to reflect upon the key messages behind the research we conduct. It also represents a good opportunity to have our students represent the lab and have other scientists in different areas better understand what we are doing – and for us to know what is going on in other areas of science as well!


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