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46th Dairy Cattle Symposium

The 46th Dairy Cattle Symposium will be held on 2 Nov. 2022 at Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville, both virtually and in-person as held by the CRAAQ (Centre de Référence en Agriculture et Agroalimentaire du Québec).

This symposium targeting farmers and people of the dairy industry includes the main topics of "carbon footprint" of dairy farms, innovations in farm designs, impacts of inflammation during transition period, and strategies in employee retention.

This year, Shabnaz Mokhtarnazif (Master's Student) will attend and present her poster titled: “Effects of outdoor access on movement restricted dairy cattle, how frequency impacts gait and hoof health of non-clinically lame cows”, along with a 3-minute video-presentation of her project. Dr. Elsa Vasseur, her supervisor, and two of Cowlife McGill’s research assistants, Veronique Boyer and Tania Wolfe, will accompany Shabnaz through this 1-day seminar.

You can download the French and English version of the poster below:


Dairy cattle symposium_ShabnazMokhtarnazif_EN
Download PDF • 1.61MB


Dairy cattle symposium_ShabnazMokhtarnazif_FR
Download PDF • 1.48MB


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