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CowLife McGill Kids Around in Austin: ASAS-CSAS 2019

M.Sc. candidate, Stéphanie Bélanger-Naud, headed down to the Lone Star State to present at this year’s joint annual meeting of the American Society of Animal Science and the Canadian Society of Animal Science in Austin, Texas.

Stéphanie’s project marks the first non-cow study of our CowLife team, with a survey study and an experimental study both focusing on dairy goat kid rearing practices. She presented the results of her survey study, entitled ‘Raising your kids the right way: A survey of rearing practices in Canadian Goat Dairy Farms’, in which she sought to determine the best practices for successful kid rearing, looking at the ways in which the top and bottom producers in Canada manage their dairy goat kids. With the increasing growth in the dairy goat industry in Canada, it is important to lay out recommendations on kid rearing for our producers to ensure the health and wellbeing of their future dairy goats!

Keep your eyes on our blog feed for future posts on Steph’s experimental study! Here’s a littler preview!


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