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International Society for Applied Ethology 55th Annual Congress

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This year, the 55th annual International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) Congress will take place in person at Hotel Metropol in Ohrid, Macedonia, focusing on seven scientific themes:

1. Behaviour and welfare of indigenous breeds in an extensive productions system,

2. Damaging and abnormal behaviours in animals

3. Human – animal interactions and welfare

4. Genetics and breeding for improved animal welfare

5. Precision Livestock Farming and Measuring behaviour and welfare

6. Animal behaviour during on-farm and off-farm management procedures

7. Positive animal welfare in the context of improved quality of live

Two of our lab members, Marjorie Cellier (Post doc) and Jasmine Muszik (PhD student), along with Dr. Elsa Vasseur have the pleasure of attending and presenting at this conference. The congress will feature researchers and students from all over the world, presenting their work on animal behaviour. After a two-year hiatus of in-person conferences, this opportunity will allow our lab to disseminate our past and current work and to network with fellow scientists.

Jasmine will be discussing the results of her first research project on the impacts of outdoor access on reactivity and human-animal relationships of dairy cattle.

Elsa will be presenting the results on how different modalities of exercise access such as paddock size, outdoor access duration, and animal handling affect the motivation of cows to complete the trips to and from the exercise yard. Exciting results from the first three projects on exercise access conducted by our lab!

Marjorie will be presenting the results of the last three years of studies on the quantification and optimization of locomotor activity by providing cows with different modalities of exercise access.

The congress will feature guest lectures, workshops, meet and greets, and optional local activities exploring the sites and attractions of the city of Ohrid. We are incredibly excited to see what ISAE 2022 has in store for us!

You can find the posters here:

Download • 1.11MB

Download • 2.05MB



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