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André Lamontagne, the Quebec minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, paid us a visit

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

On November 18, 2022, Minister Lamontagne stopped by the Dairy Cattle Complex during his visit to McGill’s Macdonald campus to get more insights on the research that has been conducted there. Marjorie, Aimee, and Shabnaz accompanied Elsa in this meeting.

Picture 1: Minister André Lamontagne, Dean Geitmann visit with Cowlife lab members

After a quick visit of the barn with the Dean of our Faculty, Anja Geitmann, the minister and his team, including the deputy-minister Bernard Verret, and a team of journalists were welcomed into our kinematic room. Marjorie began by explaining our research on emotions in cows, how it is conducted.

Picture 2: Marjorie explaining our research on emotions in cows

After Marjorie’s explanations, Shabnaz talked about our research on cow locomotion, showing different types of data we collect, including hoof thermography pictures as well as our kinetic and kinematic data. She explained what they are and how they can be used in order to better understand cow’s gaits.

Picture 3: Shabnaz explaining our research on cow locomotion

We had a great time sharing our research with Minister Lamontagne!



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