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Meet Our Current Members


Véronique Boyer

Research Assistant

Véronique first started with us as a research assistant in May 2016 and soon after started her MSc. on Aug. 2016.


B.Sc. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, with specializations in Animal Science and Professional Agrology.


I am doing my Master’s degree here in the lab. My research projects will aim to evaluate the impact of chain length and stall width (as tie-stall configuration components) on cow ease of movement.


I have been around cows ever since I was little! From day to day contact with them, and also from the very special link I developed with some of the heifers I have shown around in local fairs, I have grown fond of these big animals. I wish to help improve or maintain their welfare, and am also very curious about their behavior, which is what brought me where I am today!

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