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Meet Our Current Members

Shabnaz MNazif.jpg

Shabnaz Mokhtarnazif

M.Sc. Student

I became a vet after graduating from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran in 2019. During my time as a senior undergraduate student, I was in charge of a student association, i.e., Herd Health Association, holding conferences and workshops on dairy cow's health and welfare. That was when my interest in dairy cows was sparked.

In 2017, as an undergraduate research assistant, I got the chance to conduct the experimental section of my DVM thesis at the University of British Columbia (UBC), BC, Canada. My project at UBC was about measuring the effect of motivation on kinetic and kinematic traits of cows’ gait which was part of a broader animal welfare program. 

Shortly after graduation, I started my professional career as a vet and a dairy advisor in a dairy research and extension company consulting dairy producers on different aspects of animal health and welfare, e.g., lameness, hoof health, gait scoring, heat stress, milk quality improvement, housing management, etc.     

I am looking forward to continuing my education in my favourite field of research in cow lameness and gait analysis at McGill University.

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