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Meet Our Current Members

Sandrine Arsenault.jpg

Sandrine Arsenault

M.Sc. Student

I completed a B.Sc. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, with specializations in Animal Science and Professional Agrology (McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada). Then, I immediately joined the team in January 2023 to start my graduated studies as a M. Sc. Student.


During my undergraduate degree, I had the opportunity to do two rewarding summer internships in the dairy industry. Firstly, I worked full-time on an organic farm that uses its own raw milk to produce fine cheeses. I was amazed by the way cows were managed and their comfort level. Calves were raised by nursing cows until weaning what I found very interesting. The efficiency of the rotational grazing system was also impressive. The year after, I was involved in the data collection, project development and data analysis of a study on the construction costs of Quebec modern dairy buildings with the Innovation and Development team of Lactanet. I really learned from visiting various new constructions and discussing with producers. Currently, I regularly help my in-laws milking their cows in a milking parlor to acquire more practical knowledge.


This academic experience will certainly allow me to gain further knowledge and work methods to contribute towards improving farm animal welfare and comfort while benefiting producers with higher performances or lower production costs. 

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