Meet Our Current Members

Rachel van Vliet.jpeg

Rachel van Vliet

M.Sc. Candidate

Rachel joined the lab as a research assistant in May 2019 and began her master’s there in the fall of 2019.

Bachelor of Arts, major in Anthropology, minor in Science for Arts Students, Biology (McGill University, 2018).

My master’s research will explore interactions between caregivers and captive monkeys in laboratory settings. It will focus on caregiver use of species-specific behaviour as a form of social enrichment for captive marmosets and macaques.

I am interested in animal welfare and human-non-human-animal interactions, particularly with non-human primates. I am particularly interested in the interactions between human caregivers and the animals they care for, and how these interactions affect the well-being and behaviour of captive animals. I am fascinated by how these relationships are formed, and how husbandry practices can be developed in order to improve enrichment and overall welfare of captive animals