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Meet Our Current Members

Maxime Guglielmetti.jpg

Maxime Guglielmetti

Research Assistant

I started in the CowLife lab in the Fall of 2023 as a research assistant soon after finishing my Bachelor of Science at McGill in Biology with a minor in Environment. Throughout my undergraduate years, I had various research experiences in fields such as Neurology and Ecology. In 2021, interned in the Giros lab at McGill’s Douglas Mental Health Institute in which I was part of a project that investigated the role of dopamine receptors in Schizophrenia and Major Depression. During my final year at McGill in 2022/23, I completed an Honours research project where I investigated the role of algal symbionts in coral thermal resilience. Having now graduated, I am excited to lean into Animal Science and Welfare as part of the CowLife lab!

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