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Meet Our Current Members


Jasmine Muszik

Ph.D. Candidate

I completed a Bachelors in Animal Biology and Masters in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Guelph (Guelph, ON, Canada), where my research project focused on investigating the use of  video tracking technologies in group-housed swine. I am a current PhD student in Animal Science at McGill University - Macdonald Campus (Montreal, QC, Canada). 

During my undergraduate degree, I participated in multiple research projects and worked with a variety of livestock, sparking my interest in the welfare of agricultural species. I also had the opportunity to learn more about animal behaviour and welfare during my master’s, where I found my passion for studying animal cognition, positive affective states, enrichment, and more. Throughout my PhD and onwards, I hope to use my education and research to improve the lives of dairy cattle and other livestock animals.

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