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Meet Our Current Members


Célia Julliot

Ph.D. Student

From an early age, I've been surrounded by animals, which has fuelled my passion for living beings and sparked my growing interest in studying animal biology. Being immersed in this environment, I developed a great sensitivity to animal living conditions and thought in every possible way about how we could live together on our planet.


As a result, I decided to focus my academic career around this sensitivity and desire to learn more about the animal kingdom. What attracted me was to understand how they function, the biological and physiological mechanisms they use and the way they interact with their ever-changing environment. I then went on to study for a bachelor's degree in biology (University of Rennes 1, France), where I learned all the basics of animal science and behavior, as well as data analysis methodologies. After that, for my Master's degree, I wanted to go into a field that would resonate with me. My decision was to undertake a Master specializing in animal sciences in livestock farming (Institut Agro Rennes-Angers, France), as the issue of animal welfare had always been a natural one for me. I wanted to learn more about it and equip myself to face the challenges it would bring.


I've had the opportunity to do two research internships. One of which was in this Cowlife lab last year. I was able to learn more about this world and the tools I need to make my mark in it. I'm continuing with my thesis to be self-sufficient in my thinking and to have a significant impact in establishing potential solutions around the challenges linked to animal welfare.


Indeed, I believe that all our interactions are guided by the need to understand each other, both intra- and inter-species.

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