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Meet Our Current Members

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Baptiste Lucas Rage

M.Sc. Student

Coming from an agricultural background rooted in beef cattle farming in central France, my upbringing has been closely intertwined with the care of cows and other livestock. From an early age, my fascination with livestock and agriculture led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in agronomy. My aim was clear: to collaborate with farmers in enhancing their practices for the benefit of both them and their animals.

Upon obtaining my bachelor's degree in 2022, I embarked on a journey to further my education by enrolling in the Master's program of Global Quality of European Livestock Systems at VetAgro Sup, a French engineering school. During the first year of this program, I was offered the opportunity to broaden my horizons by participating in an Erasmus semester at the University of Boku in Austria, where I encountered diverse agricultural practices distinct from those in France. Seeking continued growth and learning, I spent the past summer working on an organic dairy farm in northern England.

Following this enriching experience, I delved into the second year of my master's degree, which ends with a six-month internship. For this internship, I chose to immerse myself in the Cow Life Lab, where I will get to explore new avenues to enhance animal welfare and identify optimal solutions for both breeders and animals alike.

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