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Meet Our Current Members


Yasmine Khazaz

M. Sc. Student

I entered my agricultural engineering school, VetAgro Sup, in France, in 2021. I'm currently in my second year, or Master 1, which corresponds to a Master's degree here in Quebec. I'm currently doing an internship in this unit, until the end of August, as part of my studies. I had the opportunity to come to Quebec thanks to my school, which requires a compulsory two-month international stay as part of the curriculum. Next year I'm entering my final year of study and I'm going to specialize in Animal Sciences, and more specifically in the "Adapting Livestock Farming to New Challenges" option.  


During my studies, I've always studied Animal Sciences, with many internships, including one on a farm with cows, but this time suckling cows. I wanted to do this internship at this university and in this unit because it was directly linked to animal welfare, a cause very close to my heart. This opportunity will enable me to learn more about the conditions under which dairy cows are raised in Quebec, but also about animal welfare and behavior, which are current social issues, particularly in France.

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