Meet Our Current Members

Simran Prasad

Applied M.Sc. Candidate

B.Sc. – Specialization in Biology (Concordia University, 2019)

M.Sc. Applied – Animal Science (McGill University, in progress)


My love for animals stems from a lifetime of curiosity and fascination of their diversity. Although, the city life does not allow much interaction with them, our closest cousins have always been my favourite: monkeys! I have always been drawn towards their wellness as well as their admirable evolutionary history.


The reality of laboratory animals became clear to me while working for a pharmaceutical company where animals were tested on; this only solidified my passion and the importance of working towards their well-being. Here at McGill, I found the opportunity to combine both of my interests: animals and science. I plan on examining the enrichment practices set for non-human primates found in laboratory settings and its’ affinity with the objectives of enrichment.