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Christmas Party & Happy New Year

On December 9th, 2022, a great event was waiting for all the members of our lab: the Christmas party!

This party was the occasion to realize the first joint event between UQAM and McGill, a relationship established in the framework of the new WELL-E research chair (we'll tell you about it soon!), co-directed by Elsa Vasseur and Abdoulaye Diallo.

The two teams met to share a great moment around a wine and cheese buffet.

This event allowed everyone to discover each other and to create bonds, whether it was during passionate conversations, or with the sharing of a few dance steps.

We look forward to sharing this new adventure and exciting projects with the members of UQAM!

So let's raise our glasses to this new year and may it be rich in projects, collaborations and fun.

Happy New Year 😊


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