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Celebrating Our First Year

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Time goes by really fast and because of that, the best way to celebrate our first year of activities is working and presenting our results.  During the past February the 3rd, we had the opportunity to share the results of  our work  to special guests and delegates from the different institutions that conform the Chair of Sustainable Life of Dairy Cattle.  It was a very interesting and important moment for us, to present  the progress we have made so far and to share our  goals and expectations.

Professor Elsa Vasseur welcoming our guests and presenting the Validation of the cow activity collector manager for cows housed in tie-stalls barns (researcher: Sirine El Hamdaoui.)

Thank you very much for this fantastic year, for your support your interest and  for reading our blog (more than 20.000 visits!).  Every day we start our work convinced that we can make it better and our effort  will help to improve the sustainability of the dairy production system and the welfare of dairy cows. 

Here a brief summary of what happened last Friday, 

Valerie Bélanger  from Novalait  interviewing part of our team.  The video will be available on their website very soon!

Here we have from left to right.

Elise Shepley presenting the Validation of the ability the IceTag 3D pedometer to accurately determine number of steps in dairy cows when housed in tie-stall (researcher:Marianne Berthelot, mentorship: Elise Shepley).

Hector Delgado presenting the use of Clegg hammer measures as an indicator of welfare in tie-stall Management System (researcher: Anthony Pic, mentorship: Hector Delgado).

Jessica St John presenting her research, Does determining tie-rail height and forward position based on the neck line of cows in 

tie-stall have an effect on dairy cow welfare?

Also, Paul Stecko presenting the project  Manual and automatic tracking of cows within the confines of their stalls.  (researchers:  Elise Shepley and Jessica St John)

Others researchers presented their projects:

Véronique Boyer explaining her research Evaluation of  the impact of the stall configuration on the ease of movement of the dairy cow.

Manon Demaret  presenting the  project of the Optimization of a decision support tool for Quebec dairy producers, veterinarians and agricultural advisors (researcher: Géraud Plas-Debecker, mentorship:Hector Delgado)

Liliana Fadul presenting her research Recovery and analysis big data from computerized milking systems (ITS) for the development of performance indicators.

Santiago Palacio presenting his Ph. D. work:  Improving Dairy cow welfare in tie-stall barns: How effective are different knowledge transfer methods

Audrey St-Yves presenting her M. Sc. work The relationship between a productive biomarker in milk and the welfare status of dairy cows.  Project under supervision of Raj Duggavathi.

Mazen Bahadi presents his Ph.D. project,  The relationship between a reproductive biomarker in milk and the welfare status of dairy cows.  Project under supervision of Ashraf Ismail.


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