Meet Our Current Members

Oluwaseyi Adeboye

Applied M.Sc. Candidate

BSc. Animal Physiology, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

MSc.A Animal Science, McGill University, Canada (in-view)

Isn’t it interesting to say Animal Science chose me? Yeah, I started attending to animals on my dad’s farm, and to satisfy my curiosity I decided to have my bachelor’s degree in Animal Physiology in order to fully understand how and why these amazing creatures function and behave the way they do.

Consequently, my undergrad research project helped broiler chickens cope with heat stress in hot dry weather thereby improving their welfare and productivity. Upon graduation, my interest led me to another research which examined the different bedding/litter materials and how they affect the welfare and reproductive performance of layer hens.

Moreover, my research experience further helped me during my one-year National Service in Nigeria. In my role as an Animal Scientist/Consultant, I facilitated the translation of researches into pragmatic policy, and worked closely with extension agents/workers to educate local farmers on improved farming practices.

My interests are broad ranging from animal welfare and productivity to global food security. Thus, I joined McGill for my master’s degree, and I am more excited to have my project on dairy cows and looking forward to amazing opportunities ahead.