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Meet Our Current Members

Ania Sarmadi

Nazanin (Ania) Sarmadi

M.Sc. Student

I have studied veterinary medicine (DVM) at Shahid Chamran university from 2007 to 2013. After my graduation, I had an internship on a dairy farm and was amazed by modern technology being applied at industrial cattle farms, particularly those which help us in the diagnosis of diseases at early stages.

Now I am eager to learn more about recent advances that could improve both animal welfare and the profitability of cattle farms. As a 2nd year student of Applied animal science at McGill University, I am excited to start my project on lameness and gait scoring in dairy cows in the “Cow life McGill” lab.

I aspire to get a job in the dairy industry after graduation and gain more experience on a practical scale.

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