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Meet Our Current Members

Louanne Marquis_edited.jpg

Louanne Marquis

B.Sc. Student

I grew up on a dairy farm in eastern Quebec. Before coming to McGill, I completed my cegep degree in Farm Management Technology at the Institut de technologies agroalimentaire in La Pocatière. Currently, I am an undergraduate student completing my B.Sc. in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, with specialization in Animal Production and Professional Agrology. Throughout my studies, I have had the opportunity to complete many internships on different dairy farms in Quebec in which I had the chance to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experiences. My passion for breeding and genetics brought me to work on sales and shows with multiple breeders, as well as for Jersey Canada which gave me the opportunity to represent jersey breeders and share knowledge with them.


I look forward to this academic experience to not only grow professionally with this research and all the people working on it but also to contribute to animal welfare and help producers along the way.

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