Meet Our Current Members

Jordan Tonooka

M.Sc. Candidate

Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology (University of California, Davis, 2017).


I have always considered myself to have an innate curiosity of the natural world that, growing up, largely revolved around dinosaurs and various species of pets. Such components, as well as my involvement through the Future Farmers of America Foundation, have contributed to my love for the field of animal agriculture!


I narrowed my focus on animal behavior and welfare during the last two years of my undergraduate career. During that time I carried out my senior practicum project on laying hens. It was a component of a larger study exploring hen behaviors that might cause keel bone damage by impacts.


In the year between graduation and my start as a Masters student at McGill, I worked at UC Davis’ Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center. There I managed databases for a couple of studies regarding mastitis in California dairies and helped in the milk quality laboratory when needed. During the summer of 2018, I helped to lead a project comparing two different fly control methods on a freestall dairy. More specifically we counted stable flies and observed instances of the behavior known as “bunching.”


On a broad scale I am interested in the balance between providing a high quality of life for agricultural animals while maintaining productivity. I would also like to work towards improving the way information is spread between researchers, producers, and the general public. I am looking forward to starting my thesis project soon.