Meet Our Current Members

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Derek (Dinghan) Ren

M.Sc. Student

I have obtained my Bachelor of Science from Purdue University, West Lafayette (West Lafayette, Indiana, US) from 2017-2021. Now I am currently a MSc. Applied Graduate student in Animal Science under sustainable agriculture concentration. I am doing my graduation project with Dr. Elsa Vasseur’s team on validating a type of pedometer in detecting tie stalled cow’s locomotion abnormality.

I have previous experience working with wild deer in captive for animal rescue and repopulation purposes (Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center, Beijing, China). The main goal was to approach the welfare and behavioral issue of Intestinal hemorrhage as well as mortality in neonates through a physiological approach. During the few months at the research facility, I have the chance of closely observing the behavior as well as dissecting and analyzing sample with biochemical methods from some of the most endangered species on this planet (e.g., Elaphurus Davidianus, przewalskii horse, Chinese sika deer etc.) This experience has brought my attention to animal welfare and behaviors. I also have the experience of assisting veterinarians at Purdue University’s Large Animal Hospital (West Lafayette, Indiana, US). My future career plan is to be a veterinarian specializing in Exotic Animal Welfare and Behavior.