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Arnaud Perret

Master's Internship

After a two-year university degree in technology biological engineering, option Food and biological industry (University of Lyon 1), I chose to integrate the engineering school of the Institut Agro Dijon (old name is AgroSup Dijon) for the training of engineers in agronomy. I am currently in my second year, and I am doing my S8 internship at McGill University (Québec, Canada).

During my first year of engineering, I was working on a bibliography project about Biosolution in order to increase the nitrogen level in wheat. And during my second year, I worked on an experimental subject on a non-chemical herbicide.

Being a farmer son, I have always grown up with animals and understood that they could be sensitive beings with their own way of communication. Working sometimes in the family dairy cow farm, it among me to learn knowledge of the field and to compare or understand the impacts of certain action through my studies. The agricultural environment is then an environment that is important for me and I would like to participate in its evolution in order to answer the current and future problems (environmental, autonomy, animal welfare).