Anna Bradtmueller

M.Sc. Candidate

University of Kentucky: Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Modern and Classical Languages (French focus)


I am beginning as an MSc student in Fall, 2019. I am interested in how herd management practices affect dairy cattle welfare as well as farm efficiency/productivity. My interest in animal welfare developed during several experiences I had as an undergraduate. I worked as a student laborer and eventually became an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Kentucky Coldstream Research Dairy. There, I had the opportunity to help with several studies and learn about the implications of different housing systems and management practices on cow health and behavior and milk quality/production. I also completed a summer internship as an animal keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo, which expanded my knowledge of animal behavior and furthered my interest in examining how management practices affect animal well-being. I look forward to continuing my studies at McGill and hope to apply the knowledge I gain to improving the lives of cows and farmers.

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