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Meet Our Current Members

Aimee Xu

Aimee Xu

M.Sc. Student

I completed my Bachelor’s in Animal Science at the University of California, Davis in 2022, where I participated in various research, many of which revolved around animal behavior and welfare. During my undergraduate years, I have closely worked with both Dairy cattle and beef steers, where I assisted in investigating feed additive effects on methane reduction in Dairy cattle, as well as using Livestock precision technologies to analyze beef steer spatial awareness of bunks, which may improve their efficiency and performance. A previous internship focusing on laying hen’s rearing environment and their follow-up effects on vertical space use and keel bone fracture impacts sparked my interest in learning more about animals and their living environment.

I look forward to continuing my exploration in the field of animal welfare at McGill.  


My ultimate career goal juggles between becoming a research professor or a large animal veterinarian, both of which allows me to delve deeper into the field of animal behavior and welfare.  

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